International Advanced
Technology Program

About Program

Taiwan Tech is a top technical university and all of our departments under college of engineering are ranked 100~150th around the world. We have been recruiting international graduate students for more than 10 years and now we want to extend our education to international undergraduate students, hence we launched a new program named “International Advanced Technology Program”.

NTUST Meeting

This program is a four-year course program for international undergraduate students and all the courses within this program are taught in English. Students who finish all the required course work will receive Bachelor of Science degree (B.S) from the engineering college of Taiwan Tech. This program can be generally categorized into two tracks, including “Advanced Structure and Intelligent Control Program” and “Sustainable Chemical and Smart Materials Technology Program”. The track of “Advanced Structure and Intelligent Control Program” is majorly supported by faculty members from the departments of Mechanical Engineering and Civil and Construction Engineering, and the track of “Sustainable Chemical and Smart Materials Technology Program” is majorly supported by faculty members from the departments of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science and Engineering. All the admitted students in this program are required to take 128 credits at least for Bachelor of Science degree (B.S).

Why choose this program?

Taiwan Tech is the top higher education campus in Taiwan, and our faculty members are very active both in research work and teaching. This International Advanced Technology Program not only provides fundamental courses for students, but it also provides cutting edge technical courses such as Robot & Control, Advanced Chemical & Material Engineering, Micro/ nanofabrication, and Biomolecular and Medical Engineering. In the senior year, students are required to take practical lessons in the laboratories and have hands-on experience on projects.

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Applicant Qualification

You have completed 12-year education curriculum or equivalent educational level outside or inside Taiwan by September, 2018.

Number of Students to be admitted : 60

Tuition: around 4000 USD/academic year

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Online application system

Documents for application

  1. One ORIGINAL diploma (Applicants graduating in the current semester may not have to submit the diploma. However, they shall submit the certificate of study).
  2. One ORIGINAL transcript of academic records in English (including Ranking in class/school).
  3. Language Proficiency Test Certificate, like TOFEL, TOEIC, or IELTS.
  4. One or two Recommendation Letter

Important Dates

Online Application Opens:
  • First stage: 01/November/2017
  • Second stage: In the mid-February, 2018
Application Deadline:
  • First stage: 08/December/2017
  • Second stage: At the end of March, 2018
  • First stage: 29/December/2017
  • Second stage: In the mid-May, 2018
Semester begins:
  • September/2018


Scholarship is available for students to apply, including full scholarship, half scholarship, or tuition wave. We strongly encourage applicants to provide necessary documents for committee to consider scholarship.